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"I was about to leave for work the other day, so I stopped in her room to wake her up. And the first thing she said was: ‘Dad, I need a surprise.’ I said: ‘You need a what?’She said: ‘I need a surprise.’ So I ran to the store and got her a doll, brought it to her, and went to work.”
(Nairobi, Kenya)
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Creamy peach rose. 
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The fuck to do you mean for six year olds

Someone hold my shoes and my beer
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Here’s a transparent picture of Sponge Bob throwing flower petals on your blog!!!
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if ur laptop doesnt smell like fire then ur losingĀ 

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"A few years ago, I got a call on my cell phone from a twelve year old child from my village. He was calling me from a bus stop. He’d taken a bus into the city alone, and he was calling me to ask if I could help him find a way to go to school. Both of his parents had died of AIDS, and he had no money for tuition. I told him to stay where he was, and left work immediately to pick him up. At first I was very mad at him. He should not have travelled alone. But then I looked at him and I saw myself. I’d also been desperate to go to school after my father was killed, but we had no money. So even though I was suffering myself, I told him I would try to help him. My salary was not enough, so I tried many things to get the money. After work, I went to the landfill to hunt for recyclables. But after I paid to have them cleaned, there was no money left. Now I’m trying to make bricks. I have a small operation in the village to make bricks, and I sell them in the city. It doesn’t make much money, but it’s enough to pay tuition for the boy and three of his siblings.” (Kampala, Uganda)
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Teen quotes

The amount of truth in this
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